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2021 Silver Recognition for AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement!

13 December 2021

FustCharles is proud to have met American Heart Association criteria for Silver recognition in the AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index.

American Heart Association 2021 Workplace Health Achievement Index Silver Award

The results of the American Heart Association 2021 Workplace Health Achievement Index were announced and FustCharles LLP achieved national SILVER recognition for taking significant steps to build a culture of health and well-being for their workforce. The American Heart Association recognizes FustCharles LLP for workplace health achievement. Scientific, evidenced-informed tool rates, recognizes workplace health programs and workforce well-being.

The American Heart Association, a global force for longer, healthier lives for all, created the Index with its CEO Roundtable, a leadership collaborative of more than 45 members from some of America’s largest companies. The Index is a web-based scorecard that evaluates the overall quality and comprehensiveness of a company’s workplace health program through a combination of best practices and a snapshot of a company’s aggregates employee heart health.

Studies show, healthy employees are more productive and use less sick time, and organizations who create a culture of health in the workplace can improve employee retention and organizational reputation. 

In the New Year, the American Heart Association will introduce a reimagined Index, the Workforce Well-Being Scorecard. Building on the legacy of the Workplace Health Achievement Index, the new Scorecard will provide organizations with a way to measure the total health and well-being of their workforce, including the importance of the mental well-being of employees. Participating organizations will receive specific, evidence-informed tools and services to help build and maximize effective cultures of workforce health and well-being. 

For more information, visit www.heart.org/WHSrecognitions  


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