Integrated Tax Solutions

Discover the Benefits of Tax Outsourcing / Co-Sourcing...

Many organizations are faced with the challenge to increase operational efficiency while reducing costs and retaining the personnel they need to be strategic. Talent shortages and the resource drain associated with recruiting, onboarding, on-the-job training and continuing education have many organizations looking for a more efficient and practical approach. Having the flexibility to allocate resources to align with organizational objectives is imperative.  

FustCharles has experience in delivering exceptional Integrated Tax Solutions (ITS) that leverages our experience and gives you access to resources, processes, and tools developed to help you solve your most common challenges and focus on your organization’s strategic priorities.  

Strategies such as co-sourcing and outsourcing can help fill gaps and meet growing demands of the finance function and tax department. Generally speaking, co-sourcing is when an outside professional services firm performs anything from a single departmental function to almost every function in the department, with the ability to scale based on fluctuating needs. With increased complexity in global tax laws, higher turnover and work-from-home workforces, many tax departments are readily turning to outside firms to address their staffing concerns.

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